Reasons Why People Choose To Cruise Travel

Why do people choose to go on cruises, instead of booking a plane flight? One thing that attracts people to these large boats and cruises is the food. Not only does a cruise offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, they also offer midnight buffets, afternoon snack buffets, ice cream bars and 24-hour room service! There is a veritable open bar on food. You can eat casually or formally. You can have a large meal or a small meal. You can eat with hundreds of people or privately. Keep in mind, of course, that the quality of the cruise line determines the quality of the food. Also remember that many of the cruise ships are feeding approximately 2000 people 10 meals per day!

A cruise offers everything you could possibly want from a getaway: entertainment, relaxation, great food, and variety. Next time, don't overlook that great big boat out in the harbor.

Entertainment is another attraction. Most cruise lines run full-scale production shows, have live bands, and/or add other specials for the children. The Disney® Cruise line offers meals with Disney characters and special entertainment geared towards the younger crowd. Floating casinos adorn most cruise ships to the delight of many adults who use this as their evening entertainment. Having activities planned throughout the entire day, some cruise lines are like floating day camps. You can be as active or inactive as you choose to be.

Cruises offer one-stop-shopping. Variety. One flight plus one boat equals lots of different locations. It would be impossible to attempt to visit each port individually outside of a cruise line. It would be very expensive and much too time consuming. There would be no time for fun. Once aboard the ship, you leave only to visit the places of port. No need to pack and unpack. No need for unnecessary travel. On the ship, you have any number of things to keep you entertained while waiting for the next docking.
Carnival® Cruises is great for the first time cruiser. It has many departure sites around the country. Land and sea prices are available for those who need to fly to a port of departure. Just a few of the destinations to which Carnival® Cruise Lines will take you include: the Bahamas, Aruba, St. Thomas, St. John, San Juan Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, the Keys, Cozumel, Hawaii, Alaska, Martinique and Barbados.

Celebrity® Cruises is higher-end. It has a sophisticated AquaSpa on board and sports a unique art collection on the Galaxy ship as well. Celebrity® has received a 5-star rating for its cuisine (not food but cuisine). If all of that is not impressive enough, it also includes an in-cabin entertainment and information center.
Radisson® Seven Seas, Seaborn® Cruises and Windstar® Cruises offer even more luxury than the Celebrity® line. The Radisson® offers the ultimate luxurious experience by managing suites only. It also offers unique destinations such as Tahiti, French Polynesia, Antarctica, the Mediterranean, and Europe. The Windstar® line has romantic trimasted ships and sail to the Caribbean, The Americas, the Greek Isles and Europe.

As you can see, there are cruise lines for everyone. These lines are just a few of the many options of cruises. But every line has something which makes it unique, so you might want to do some research to make sure you find the cruise you were looking for.

by : Joe Goertz

Windstar Cruise

Review: Windstar Cruises Offers Unique Vacations Aboard Motor Sail Yachts

When the frantic, fast-paced flurry of most cruise vacations isn't appealing to you, there is an exceptional alternative : Windstar Cruises.

Distinctive in every way, the most notable difference between Windstar and other cruise ships is the ships themselves. Not your standard luxury liner, Windstar voyages are aboard three stunning, intimate-sized motor sail yachts. With sails billowing in the breeze, you can head out to the far reaches of the world to many of the most sought-after destinations known to man.

Classic in every detail, Windstar cruises offer popular ports of call, luxurious amenities, access to everything onboard and a wide array of choices in dining and other options. Casinos, gourmet restaurants, spas and well-equipped fitness centers are among some of the appointments you'll find, depending on which ship you choose. With a casually elegant atmosphere, Windstar Cruises also delivers some pleasantly unexpected alternatives as well.

Regardless of which ship you sail (Wind Star, Wind Sail or Wind Surf), these intimate-class vessels accommodate no more than 312 passengers. As you might expect, that equates to a level of personalized service unlike any other. From spa treatments to room stewards to dining staff, you'll find your every whim accommodated with lightening speed. That's absolute freedom!

In addition, your Windstar cruise also adheres to an open bridge policy. Stop by and introduce yourself to the captain and his crew, tour the bridge and discover the inner workings of a cruise ship. When you're finished, make your way to the rear of the ship (aft) for skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling and other water sports directly from the water platform of the vessel. (Did I mention they are complimentary?)

But the ships themselves are only part of the cruise experience. Not to worry! The destinations available from Windstar offer a grand selection of classic favorites that bear visiting again and again.

St. Thomas and Barbados are frequent stops on Windstar voyages to the Caribbean. Ports in Rome, Athens, Barcelona and Nice are all called upon during weeklong European tours. Costa Rica offers a tropical playground virtually year round and is available to you at any time you choose. Or, for a regal cruise in the tradition of the majestic days of ocean travel, book a transatlantic crossing - two glorious weeks at sea. You'll quickly discover why Windstar gets an amazing 60% repeat booking rate.

Intimate and casually elegant, all the ships in the Windstar fleet give you an entirely new cruise experience. A far cry from the hustle and bustle of other overcrowded ships, Windstar's philosophy is to make you right at home. Certainly exciting, always fun, these motor sail ships bring a more dignified air to cruising. It's as if you're sailing on your own private yacht with 300 friends.
As you might expect, the cuisine onboard Winstar vessels is second to none. With a restaurant and a veranda on each ship, you have a choice as to when and where to dine. Gourmet meals prepared to order by expert chefs are served daily for your enjoyment.

Generally catering to adults, Windstar proclaims, these adventures are "180 Degrees From Ordinary." You'll agree. With teak decking, granite-topped surfaces and elegant sails, Windstar gives every appearance of a world-class cruise ship.

If you're a cruise enthusiast who is looking for a new direction for your next vacation, Windstar might have just what you're looking for.

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by Roy Witman
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